6 Cosy Games Like Animal Crossing to Chill With!


There's a whole world of cosy and cute games out there waiting to be explored.  Let's dive in!


Hello Kitty Island Adventure 

Adorable characters exploring a vibrant world.

Decorate, and befriend adorable Sanrio characters.  Hello Kitty Island Adventure has received a steady stream of content and seasonal updates since its initial release. Definitely one to keep on your radar.


A Short Hike 

A hike to remember

Need a quick and relaxing escape?  A Short Hike is a beautiful, story-driven adventure about reaching a mountain peak.  Along the way you’ll encounter local townsfolk, fulfilling their requests, while collecting enough feathers to eventually climb to the peak of the mountain


Coffee Talk

Serve up coffee and listen to the stories of quirky animal patrons.

With a cosy lo-fi soundtrack it's the perfect cosy ambience for your late night coffee fix. Coffee Talk plays like a visual novel, blending the skills of drink brewing and latte art with the art of lending an ear. 


Mineko’s Night Market

Gather resources, and befriend fellow artisans.

Mineko's Night Market lets you run your own shop, gather resources, and befriend fellow artisans. Take part in the town’s coveted weekly night market and see your efforts rewarded in Mineko's Night Market. 


Stardew Valley

A classic for a reason! Farm, build relationships, explore the charming town.

Farming under late-stage capitalism. This is the staunch reality of inheriting land and legacy Stardew Valley offers plenty of daily farming activities to grant you that feeling of in-game productivity, and a grounded cast of characters to pursue on your romance grind.



Helping animal spirits say goodbye to the world.

A cosy management adventure game about death Spiritfarer offers a more bittersweet experience. You play as a ferrymaster, helping animal spirits say goodbye to the world. It's surprisingly heartwarming