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horse tales emerald valley ranch review

Horse Tales: Emerald Valley Ranch review

Gather ‘round horse girls and boys, for an open-world horse-taming adventure that’s equally ambitious and exasperating.

overwatch 2 diablo 4 delay

Overwatch 2 review: heroes never die

Overwatch 2 improves on the highly successful team hero shooter, albeit with more emphasis on 'shooter' than 'team'.

Shadows Over Loathing review

Shadows over Loathing review - Jazz it up

Positively bursting with goofy gags, punchlines, and absurdity, Shadows Over Loathing is a cosmic-horror RPG that is very easy to…

A Little to the Left Review

A Little to the Left Review - Everything in its right place

A Little to the Left is a charming, delightful, and satisfying game centred around tidying up small household objects.

sonic frontiers review

Sonic Frontiers review – A speed bump in the road

Sonic Frontiers is a mishmash of odd ideas – although the freedom and speed of its traversal are a joy.

Signalis PC Game Review Key Art

Signalis review – 1990s survival horror resurrected

Signalis modernises traditional survival horror ideas, and crafts a pleasingly mysterious and aesthetic journey.

Gotham Knights Game Review

Gotham Knights Review – The Bat is dead, long live the Batfamily

Gotham Knights is determined to escape the shadows of the Arkham series – but lives up to its legacy regardless.

New Tales from the Borderlands review key art Lou13

New Tales from the Borderlands review – Froyo and friendship

New Tales from the Borderlands is an intimate and surprising spin on the classic Tales formula.

A Plague Tale: Requiem review Xbox

A Plague Tale: Requiem review - Life, death and lots of rats

A cinematic narrative adventure with a strong identity, stunning set pieces, and lots and lots of rats.

Scorn Game Review PC

Scorn Review - Compelling, disgusting, nauseating

Despite its gruesome, nightmarish, and repulsive world, Scorn is very good at piquing your curiosity about its environment and mysteries.

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