Microsoft could be launching an Xbox Series S toaster

The newly-revealed Xbox Series S Toaster certainly seems like a legitimate device.
xbox series s toaster

In 2021, Xbox made headlines with its announcement of an Xbox Series X-shaped mini-fridge designed to hold cans of soft drinks, created off the back of widespread comments that the console itself resembled a fridge. Despite jokes about its practicality, the device subsequently sold out, revealing a strong appetite for video game-themed kitchenware and novelty items. Now, it appears Xbox is doubling down on this strange obsession, with the company allegedly planning to reveal an Xbox Series S toaster shortly.

According to a leaked specification sheet shared on Twitter, the Xbox Series S toaster is a two-slice device set to launch in 2023. Details indicate it will be up for preorder soon, and that it will cost around 60 Euros (AU $95) on launch – around the same price as other premium toasters.

The leaked device rocks the following specs, per leaked images:

  • Power: 120V 60Hz – 800W
  • 40mm side slots
  • Suitable for 120 x 120mm bread
  • 1-6 browning settings
  • Anti-jam function
  • Anti-slip feet
  • 38.3 cm W x 12 cm D x 19 cm H

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While the proximity of this leak to April Fool’s Day is fairly suspicious – the image could certainly be part of a tongue-in-cheek hoax – there’s precedent to believe Xbox would go ahead with the creation of this device.

The popularity of the Xbox mini-fridge seemed to shock many punters, and Xbox itself. This unexpected success would be reason enough to expand the Xbox kitchenware range. A toaster is also a very practical device, and there would be a strong contingent of enthusiasts willing to fork out for this rather fetching kitchen appliance.

The leaked toaster strongly resembles its console counterpart, and features sleek dials and accessories that make it a practical and good-looking item. This wouldn’t appear out of place in any fashionable kitchen. For those who already own the Xbox mini-fridge, it would also be a very worthy companion.

At this stage, the existence of the Xbox Series S toaster is unconfirmed, but the images seem like they could be legitimate. It’s a possibility this toaster to pop up again in future – whether that’s as part of April Fool’s marketing, an official announcement in future, or perhaps both.

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