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Wylde Flowers gets flying pigs in new Fabulous Farming update

Studio Drydock has announced the next major content update for Wylde Flowers, which will introduce new farming opportunities.
wylde flowers fabulous farming update

Wylde Flowers developer Studio Drydock has confirmed the release of the game’s next major update, subtitled ‘Fabulous Farming‘. This free addition will introduce a host of new farm animals to raise and rear – including a magical flying pig – and will also include upgraded farm buildings, so you can perfect your daily tasks, and help your animals thrive in new environments.

So far, details on the game’s latest update are scarce, but we do know it launches for all platforms on 28 April 2023, and that more will be revealed in the coming weeks. While Studio Drydock initially teased the update as part of its April Fool’s Day celebrations, playing off the ‘pigs might fly’ adage, it does appear Fabulous Farming is a very real update.

It will be the third major addition to Wylde Flowers, which has continued to expand with hearty post-game content including new story, dialogue, shops, and features, since early 2023. While the game has a definitive ‘end point’, new content has consistently provided a reason to return to the game.

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A teaser image posted by Studio Drydock has revealed artwork for the adorable, aforementioned pigs, as well as new looks at ducks and llamas. While only one cutesy llama is shown off in the image, several duck breeds can be seen – including a special pink-feathered variant.

It’s likely these new additions will be purchasable either from ranch owner Marty, or by visiting the late-game area of Ravenwood Hollow, where the magical folk of Fairhaven reside. Whatever the case, these animals look to be delightful additions that should bolster the relatively simple farming mechanics of the narrative-focussed game.

Paired with the recent Seasons and Romance and Violet’s Boutique packs, which introduced new clothing, photo modes, and romance options, the Fabulous Farming update should provide plenty of reasons to pop back into Tara’s wholesome world.

Wylde Flowers: Fabulous Farming launches for iOS (via Apple Arcade), Mac, and PC on 28 April 2023. Stay tuned to the Studio Drydock socials for more details about new animals, farm buildings, and more.

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