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‘Time Flies’ is the latest game from the creator of the surreal ‘Plug and Play’

Time Flies is a quirky game about the limited time we have on earth, where you play a housefly trying to get things done.
time flies by Michael Frei

If you haven’t played the short and delightfully surreal games of Michael Frei, which include Plug and Play and Kids, you should. And then get excited, because Frei’s latest game was announced during the 2022 Day of the Devs livestream as part of Summer Game Fest. It’s called Time Flies.

Time Flies appears to be a more traditional game from Frei, and focuses on the idea that we all have limited time in the world. You play a fly, buzzing around a normal household, as you attempt to complete a ‘bucket list’ of objectives before you die.

Image: Michael Frei

The interesting thing is that it appears your fly’s lifespan is based on the average life expectancy of the country you live in. So for example, if that life expectancy is 77 years in your country, you have about 77 seconds of life to fly.

The list of objective are all a bit abstract and humorous in their solutions. ‘Go on Tour’ involves working out how to turn on a gramophone, and then riding the revolving record, for example. Both Kids and Plug and Play contained a similar number of amusing surprises, and it looks like that attitude and atmosphere will continue here.

Time Flies is coming to PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, and PC sometime in 2023. You can find out more on the Time Flies website.

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