The Division Resurgence gets iOS and Android playtest in June 2023

Ubisoft has shared a brief update on its free-to-play mobile iteration of The Division.
The Division Resurgence

Ubisoft has provided a very brief update on the progress of its free-to-play, mobile live-service game The Division Resurgence, first announced in July 2022. The main crux of the announcement was an upcoming playtest of the third-person shooter, to take place in Summer (Northern Hemisphere) on both iOS and Android.

Those interested will be able to register on the official game website. The company is offering cosmetic in-game apparel for the full game to those who participate.

So far, Resurgence has been described by the company as a ‘full-fledged Division experience,’ that features a campaign, solo and co-op play, new signature weapons, new enemy factions, new gadgets, and a new storyline that will bridge the gap between the events of The Division 1 and The Division 2.

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It had previously been announced that Resurgence would take place in New York City, the locale of the first Division game, and focus of the ‘first wave’ of Division agents who are activated at the start of a pandemic that tears apart contemporary society in the franchise’s plot.

The short Resurgence update came as part of a live stream that divulged far more details about Ubisoft’s plans with the rest of its Division franchise.

During proceedings, the company announced its fifth year of content for The Division 2, featuring a new rogue-lite mode, as well as a Resident Evil and Splinter Cell crossover cosmetic event.

Details of the free-to-play survival spin-off The Division Heartland were also shared, a multiplayer game that takes the ‘Dark Zone’ concept of the mainline games and extrapolates it into a larger experience. In this game, players will explore a rural, Midwestern American environment, and follow the story of a Division agent gone rogue, while fighting computer-controlled enemies as other players – if they decide to turn.

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