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The Street Fighter 6 logo appears to be a stock image

The Street Fighter 6 logo hasn't had the best reception online, but a new discovery adds a layer of ridicule to the design.
Street Fighter 6 logo

Capcom recently revealed Street Fighter 6, the long-awaited next entry in the legendary fighting game series. The teaser trailer featured series mainstay Ryu and recent newcomer Luke facing off in a dark room. But while most of the online reaction was of excitement, people were quick to point out two things: Ryu wears sandals now, and the logo for the game is kind of boring. Generic, to say the least.

It appears there might be a reason for that.

As spotted by Aurich Lawson, creative director at Ars Technica, the logo for Street Fighter 6, or something incredibly similar, is actually an existing design available on the Adobe Stock Images website. You can purchase a license to use it for less than $100.

Lawson took to Twitter to post his baffling discovery.

While there are a few differences in the angle of the letters, and the line weight of the hexagon that surrounds them, there’s no denying that the two are very similar.

Whether the development team at Capcom adopted the Adobe Stock Image photo for its uses is unknown. Of course, there’s every likelihood that it could have independently come up with the idea, or that the current logo is a work-in-progress placeholder.

As to the imagery of the logo, it gives us some fuel for Street Fighter 6 speculation. The six-sided hexagon fits well with the game being the sixth major entry, of course.

Capcom also previously stated in a blog post that Luke was integral to to the future direction of the Street Fighter franchise. Being that Luke is characterised as an MMA fighter, and the typical ring for MMA fights is a hexagon, there are a lot of possibilities that can be extrapolated from that.

Regardless, we’ll be hearing more about Street Fighter 6 in mid-2022.

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