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‘Season of Pride’ LGBTQIA+ game collection launches on Steam

Publisher MidBoss has launched an excellent collection of games with great LGBTQIA+ representation.
playstation plus april 2023 paradise killer

Game publisher MidBoss has officially launched the Season of Pride 2022 collection on Steam, a curated smorgasbord of games with strong LGBTQIA+ representation. A number of fantastic and iconic games are included, like Paradise Killer, Tell Me Why and Celeste, with various categories denoting the diversity of representation in each adventure.

Categories include: ‘Trans & NB’s 4 Lyfe’ for games prominently starring transgender or non-binary characters, ‘POC Leads’ for games helmed by people of colour, ‘Female Leads’ for those starring women, ‘Aces & Aros Wild!’ for games starring asexual and aromantic characters, and ‘Be Gay, Do Crimes!’ – a category named after the catchy meme.

There are also sections based on game genre – action, dating simulator, free-to-play, and ‘Cyberpunk AF!’ as well as a dedicated segment for upcoming LGBTQIA+ games.

One of the first games spotlighted is the Sydney-developed Queer Man Peering Into A Rock Pool.jpg, a surrealist experience that explores the nature of relationships at the end of the world. It’s joined by fellow new titles, including Grid Force, Scarlet Hollow, Read Only Memories: Neurodiver, Frogsong, and Monster Prom 3: Monster Roadtrip.

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steam season of pride 2022
Image: Steam

The collection is a great opportunity to jump in with a range of underrated games that explore LGBTQIA+ stories and experiences. Beyond spotlighting the excellence of diversity in modern gaming, this list also includes a number of stellar hits well worth adding to your list. Paradise Killer, for one, is a phenomenal murder mystery adventure that deserves to be played by everyone. Celeste is a difficult game, but one with a heartwarming story, plenty of optional assists, and is equally worth checking out.

The Monster Prom series included in the collection is also a wonderful and wholesome time – it allows you to date a range of spooky and mythological monsters via conversation-based mini-games and whirlwind romances.

If you’re looking for your next game, check out the curated Season of Pride 2022 collection. A number of games are on sale as part of the initiative, and there’s a range of dazzling experiences going cheap. You can browse the games included for yourself here.

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