PAX Aus 2022 Indie Showcase – People’s Choice Winner Announced

We asked PAX Aus 2022 attendees to vote for their favourite Indie Showcase games – here's who they picked as the winner.
PAX Aus 2022 Indie Showcase Winners

PAX Aus 2022 played host to numerous independent games this year, with upcoming digital and tabletop games attracting consistent crowds throughout the weekend. In a year with few major game publishers exhibiting, the attention was rightly on smaller teams creating unique experiences.

GamesHub presented the PAX Aus Indie Showcase for 2022, highlighting a curated selection of standout titles being developed in Australia. During the show, we asked PAX Aus attendees to play the Indie Showcase titles and vote on their favourites, with the goal of highlighting a single game to receive the People’s Choice award.

Now that the dust has settled and the votes have been tallied, we can announce that ROOFTOP RENEGADE from South Australian team Melonhead Games is the PAX Aus 2022 Indie Showcase People’s Choice Award winner.

Honourable mentions go to Aethermon: Tower of Darkness, Box Knight, and Yum Cha, which followed closely behind in votes.

About Rooftop Renegade

For those who like to go fast but are finding that games about blue hedgehogs just don’t cut it, look no further than Rooftop Renegade, a 2D action platformer all about hitting incredible speeds and maintaining flow. Boost through levels under constant bombardment, avoid dangerous hazards, and make split-second decisions that could mean the difference between a new personal best, or a total wipeout.

Patrick Webb of Melonhead Games explained that the vision of the game was to make anyone who picked up Rooftop Renegade ‘feel like a speedrunner’.

‘We offer an accessible way to understand that satisfying feeling of being totally in the zone, blasting through levels at high speeds while chaining movement abilities and making split-second pathing decisions’, he said.

‘We focused a lot of care into making sure the movement feels “just right”. It was quite a challenge to walk the line between pixel-perfect platforming and momentum-driven racing, but the result is smooth control that makes it easy to get into a rhythm. This is all supported by dynamic music that really picks up as you get going!’

PAX Aus 2022 attendees were able to play Rooftop Renegade in single-player and multiplayer modes on the show floor – the latter mode being all about finding ways to deny that ‘flow’ from other players.

Congratulations to the team at Melonhead Games! You’ll hear more about Rooftop Renegade on GamesHub in the coming months, as the game speeds toward its 2023 launch on PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. You can now wishlist Rooftop Renegade on Steam.

The PAX Aus Indie Showcase winners for 2022 were:

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PAX Aus 2022 Indie Showcase Winners – Tabletop

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