New Street Fighter 6 trailer at Evo 2022 reveals Kimberly and Juri

A new Street Fighter 6 trailer shown during Evo 2022 has officially revealed two characters: returning fighter Juri, and newcomer Kimberly.
Street Fighter 6 Kimberly evo 2022 reveal trailer

A brand new trailer for Street Fighter 6 shown at the Evolution Championship Series 2022 (Evo 2022) has officially revealed two new fighters for the game.

One is a brand new character to the Street Fighter series: An African-American fighter called Kimberly, who appears to use Bushin-ryu ninjutsu as her fighting style, with quick hits and aerial combos. The Street Fighter Twitter account confirms that Kimberly is the protege of Guy, a Final Fight character who also appeared as a fighter in the Street Fighter Alpha series, as well as Street Fighter IV.

In the trailer, she’s also seen bopping out to tunes on her portable cassette player, as well as wielding spray cans to dish out major damage to her opponents.


The other is the wicked Korean taekwondo goth, Juri, who was first introduced in Street Fighter IV. As expected, she’s a flashy, kick-focussed character with a sadistic temperament.

Both characters appeared on a Street Fighter 6 roster leak earlier in 2022, which saw concept art for seemingly the game’s entire roster revealed.

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Elsewhere at Evo 2022, two new real-world commentators were revealed to be lending their voices to Street Fighter 6’s in-game commentary feature: James Chen and ‘Tasty’ Steve Scott. They join Jeremy ‘Vicious’ Lopez and Aru, who both introduced the new Street Fighter 6 trailer, following the conclusion of the Street Fighter V grand final between Idom (USA) and Kawano (JPN).

Kawano ended up pulling a clutch victory at the very last possible moment, after a stellar run from Idom, which saw him tear his way through the loser’s bracket, making short work of legendary Street Fighter professional fighters like Daigo ‘The Beast’ Umehara (JPN) and Hajime ‘Tokido’ Taniguchi (JPN), aka ‘Murderface’.

Evo 2022 was most likely the last year for Street Fighter V to be featured. It debuted in 2016 to mixed reactions, but gradually improved with several major game updates and numerous additional characters.

Street Fighter 6 will succeed the game at the Evo tournament when it releases sometime in 2023.

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