Marvel’s Midnight Suns may be launching in October 2022

Special editions for Marvel's Midnight Suns spotted online have reportedly spoiled the game's release date.
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Marvel’s Midnight Suns is apparently launching on 6 October 2022 – a release date spoiled by leaked images that showed off each of the game’s three special editions. The leak was spotted by Technik News, which revealed that the game’s Standard, Enhanced and Legendary editions shared a launch date which could be revealed during the upcoming ‘not E3’ period.

According to listings, the special editions will include the following content:

  • Marvel’s Midnight Suns: Enhanced Edition – Base game, as well as five premium skins: Captain America (Future Soldier), Captain Marvel (Mar-Vell), Magik (Phoenix 5), Nico Minoru (Sister Grimm), and Wolverine (X-Force)
  • Marvel’s Midnight Suns: Legendary Edition – Base game, Legendary Premium Pack (including 23 skins), season pass including four DLC packs (new heroes, missions, enemies)

While the leak is yet to be confirmed, images of the special editions have now been taken down by the copyright holder – a sure sign that the information included is legitimate.

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The news arrives following multiple global classifications for Marvel’s Midnight Suns, all of which have indicated a release date announcement is imminent. It appears 2K Games and Firaxis Games aren’t quite ready for the world to know when the game is arriving – but that hasn’t stopped leakers from jumping the gun on the surprise.

As for what’s been revealed – there’s an intriguing mix of skins reportedly included with the game. ‘Future Soldier’ for Captain America could indicate his robotic Future Revolution form is included in Midnight Suns. ‘Mar-Vell’ refers to the original Captain Marvel, and could indicate a palette or character swap for Carol Danvers.

Meanwhile, ‘Phoenix 5’ Magik refers to a comic arc that saw Illyana Rasputin temporarily gain the powers of the cosmic Phoenix Force, ‘Sister Grimm’ refers to Nico Minoru’s scarcely-used magical alter ego, and ‘X-Force’ Wolverine refers to the character’s black-and-grey stealth suit.

Many of the other skins have also been revealed in the leak, including:

  • Magik (New Mutant)
  • Captain America (Captain of the Guard)
  • Nico Minoru (Shadow Witch)
  • Captain Marvel (Medieval Marvel)
  • Wolverine (Cowboy Logan)
  • Blade (Demon Hunter)
  • Blade (Blade 1602)
  • Iron Man (Iron Knight)
  • Iron Man (Bleeding Edge)
  • Ghost Rider (Spirit of Vengeance)
  • Ghost Rider (Death Knight)
  • Doctor Strange (Strange Future Supreme)
  • Scarlet Witch (Boss Witch)
  • Scarlet Witch (Fallen Scarlet Witch)
  • Spider-Man (Symbiote)
  • Spider-Man (Demon)

Two additional skins for an unannounced hero are reportedly included in the Legendary Edition, although these remain a mystery.

Whatever the case, it’s clear skins will be an important part of the game as players progress. While it’s unclear if they’ll be locked within these special editions, offered as microtransactions, or be available to earn in-game, Marvel fans will likely have a field day with all the inclusions here.

For now, it appears Marvel’s Midnight Suns is launching for PC and consoles on 6 October 2022 – but stay tuned for official confirmation on that release date.

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