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Anime starship sim Jumplight Odyssey showcases combat, demo incoming

A new trailer for the retro-anime starship colony simulator demonstrates the game's combat elements.
Jumplight Odyssey League of Geeks

A new trailer for the retro anime-inspired Jumplight Odyssey showcased the game’s frantic combat encounters at the 2023 PC Gaming Show. The game, a roguelike colony management game in the vein of FTL: Faster Than Light by way of Rimworld, is due to launch in 2023. A PC demo will be available to play during Steam Next Fest from 19-26 June.

Developed by Australian studio League of Geeks (Armello, Solium Infernum), the game is heavily influenced by Space Battleship Yamato, and centres around Space Princess Euphora as she leads her people away from their destroyed homeworld.

While primarily a colony management game, where you need to build out your ship, maintain its critical processes, and keep an eye on your crew’s needs and relationships, the ship will sometimes be attacked by the antagonistic Zutopans.

The new trailer depicts just some of the ways to deal with them, including scrambling starfighters and turrets to fend off the attacking ship, as well as assigning crew members to combat roles, all while you charge up the ship’s jump drive to get out of there.

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Good colony management games are judged by the strength of the stories you can tell amidst the utter chaos of their systems, so the variety of possibilities and outcomes afforded by combat – both good and bad, but mostly bad – will be an essential part of Jumplight Odyssey‘s success.

Jumplight Odyssey is slated to launch via Steam Early Access sometime in 2023. A PC demo will be available to play during Steam Next Fest from 19-26 June.

You can wishlist Jumplight Odyssey on Steam.

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