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Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy gets giant new patch to fix bugs

Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy has received a new patch removing many of the glaring visual issues in the games.
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When Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy launched for PC and consoles in November, it was immediately met with outcry as bugs and visual glitches rendered the three games in the collection nearly unplayable for some users. Developer Rockstar Games was forced to apologise for the state of the game, and promised to update it via hefty patches in the future. The first of these has now landed, bringing some stability to each game.

According to the update from Rockstar, over 100 fixes have been issued in a December 1 patch, with many of the loudest complaints being addressed.

In general, each game has had its stability improved, there have been fixes to the cinematic camera, and hilarious misspellings on signs have been corrected.

Importantly, the game’s rain has also now been fixed so that it no longer appears in thick wads or indoors. You’ll also no longer be able to pull off the funny third person ‘giant face’ CJ glitch.

Rockstar hopes these changes will help the games ‘reach the level of quality that they deserve to be‘.

The latest Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy update has addressed numerous problems with the in-game rain.

These are the major changes detailed for each game in the trilogy, per Rockstar.

Grand Theft Auto III — Rain, Signs, Grass

  • Fixed an issue where rain could be seen in select cutscenes and inside houses
  • Fixed an issue where rain appears under water when falling
  • Fixed an issue where grass could be seen in unwanted places
  • Fixed an issue where textures appeared incorrectly while driving, and in select locations
  • Fixed dialogue volume slider issues
  • Fixed an issue where UI overlapped with timers on certain issues
  • Fixed camera issues when playing RC missions
  • Fixed a ‘stretching car’ issue associated with the car crusher
  • Fixed spelling errors on storefronts in Staunton Island

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City — Rain, Banners, Crashes, Errors

  • Ad banners have been added to select vehicles
  • Fixed an issue were rain could be seen inside during select missions
  • Fixed issues with character models, including moments with Tommy’s hands
  • Fixed various crashes and pauses in gameplay and audio
  • Fixed various holes in the game world near Café Robina, Tommy’s wardrobe
  • Fixed spelling errors on billboards and storefronts, and issues with logos
  • Fixed corrupt textures in select missions
  • Fixed gameplay issues that prevented mission completion, including issues with guns and helicopters
  • Made graves behind Funeraria Romero visible

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas — CJ, Crashes, Spelling, Bridges

  • Introduced more clouds at high altitudes
  • Fixed issues with character models, including CJ and Cesar
  • Fixed game saving issues and crashes during missions
  • Fixed texture corruption issues that occurred after prolonged gameplay
  • Fixed an issue where CJ’s face would obscure the camera when looking behind him on a bike or Hydra vehicle
  • Fixed various spelling errors
  • Fixed a missing bridge in Shady Creeks
  • Fixed cutscene issues, lighting issues and graphical corruption in multiple cutscenes
  • Fixed protruding tattoos when CJ has a ‘muscular’ body type
  • Fixed audio issues with music
  • Fixed issues where rain didn’t display correctly
  • Fixed issues with various vehicles, guns, and haircuts
  • Fixed an issue where a UFO did not rotate properly at the Lil’ Probe Inn

Put together, these fixes aim to address manly of the complaints with the Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy collection. As Rockstar Games is still actively working on fixing the title, we can expect to see more updates like them in future.

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