Games for Change 2024 award winners announced

Here's the full list of winners for the 2024 Games for Change Awards.
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Games for Change has today revealed the winners of the 2024 Games for Change Awards, with a range of titles celebrated for their achievements. As in past years, the Games for Change Awards are designed to highlight games that explore powerful, impactful themes, including global issues, in a way that inspires change, empathy, and education.

“This year’s Games for Change Awards showcase a remarkable evolution in the power of games and immersive media to address complex global issues,” Susanna Pollack, President of Games for Change said of this year’s show.

“From Stay Alive, My Son tackling historical trauma through VR, to The Plastic Pipeline gamifying environmental policy, we’re seeing this medium push boundaries not just in technology, but in their capacity to foster empathy, drive social change, and redefine how we engage with pressing societal challenges. These winners exemplify how games and immersive media are a tool for imagining and creating better futures.”

Amongst the list of winners for this year’s show is Australia’s own Stray Gods: The Roleplaying Musical, from Summerfall Games, which picked up the Best in Innovation accolade, for its musical-inspired gameplay mechanics. It’s joined by a range of other titles, including A Highland Song, Stay Alive, My Son Chapter 1 & 2, and more.

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Here’s the full list of winners from the 2024 Games for Change Awards.

Games for Change Awards 2024: Full list of winners

Game of the Year, Best in Impact, Best Narrative

Stay Alive, My Son Chapter 1 & 2 (UME Studios)

Best In Innovation

Stray Gods: The Roleplaying Musical (Summerfall Games)

Best Gameplay

A Highland Song (inkle)

Best in Civics, Best in Learning

Headlines and High Water (Field Day Lab)

Best in Environmental Impact

The Plastic Pipeline (FableVision)

Best in Health & Wealthness

Soul Paint (Hatsumi & Monobanda)

Best In XR

MLK: Now Is The Time (Flight School Studio, TIME Studios, Meta VR For Good)

Best Student Project

Stop and Breathe (One Must Imagine Games)

Best Board or Tabletop Game for Impact

Daybreak (CMYK)

Special Awards

  • Industry Leadership Award: Minecraft (Mojang Studios)
  • G4C Giving Award: Twitch
  • G4C Indie Breakout Award: Venba (Visai Games)
  • Vanguard Award: Alyssa Sweetman

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