Future DC Comics games to be connected to the cinematic universe

Future DC Comics games will now tie-in to the DC Universe, according to a tweet from Co-Chairman and Co-CEO of DC Studios, James Gunn.
DC Universe Comics Suicide Squad

Newly appointed Co-Chairman and Co-CEO of DC Studios James Gunn has remarked on the future of DC Comics video games, saying that they will be connected to the wider DC Universe (DCU).

Gunn confirmed the news in a Twitter exchange, stating plans are in the works alongside DC Studios CEO, Peter Safran – Gunn’s Co-CEO on The Suicide Squad, to connect the DCU across multiple forms of media, including film, TV, and animation. When asked if games would be connected to the DCU as well, a clear ‘Yes.’ was given in response. 

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It’s unclear what this will mean for all games under the DC umbrella. The initial report from Eurogamer mentioned titles within the Batman: Arkham series won’t connect to a larger universe, with Screen Rant stating the response may refer to ‘a DC multiverse rather than one shared mythos’, though it does offer an exciting insight into the future of the franchise and the direction Warner Bros Discovery hopes to take it under new leadership.  

Since the inception of both the DC Universe and Marvel Cinematic Universe, new forms of media have diversified the way people engage with these worlds. With many Marvel-branded TV series now taking precedence on the Disney+ streaming service, that tie in with events taking place on the silver screen, the current landscape is a far cry from the days of annual film releases single-handedly driving the narrative.  

Whilst Marvel hasn’t made any public statements outlining plans to connect games to its larger universe, titles such as Marvel’s Spider-Man and Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales have already laid the groundwork for a cohesive in-game universe, with standalone DC titles, such as Gotham Knights, also continuing to exist in their own right.

Earlier reports from Deadline outlined plans that a DCU ‘bible’ is in the works encompassing various forms of media, though it’s still early days on what Gunn’s tweet will officially entail. It’s definitely an exciting prospect to see video games included in this roadmap, and will certainly yield a rewarding experience for those who follow each project closely. 

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