How Beyond Good & Evil’s remaster sets up its sequel

Beyond Good & Evil's remaster contains a strong narrative link to its long-in-development sequel.
beyond good and evil 2 narrative link

Beyond Good & Evil‘s recently-released remaster promised narrative ties to its upcoming, long-in-development prequel, Beyond Good and Evil 2 – and as players have now uncovered, there’s plenty of juicy tidbits to analyse. Folks who jump into the BG&E remaster will find an array of hidden secrets relating to Beyond Good and Evil 2, including unlockable cosmetics, and lore-filled video diaries.

They’re all detailed in a new video by YouTuber Handsum German (surfaced by Eurogamer), with revelations about what each diary contains. As revealed, you’ll be able to find a range of M-Disks while travelling through the Beyond Good & Evil remaster, with each focussing on messages of the past.

Each M-Disk contains a voiced, illustrated cutscene of an unseen character reminiscing about prior adventures, while introducing characters that will feature in the game’s prequel.

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You can learn more about Knox, the monkey hero of Beyond Good and Evil 2, and his mischievous nature. You can also learn more about Jade as a child, and how she interacted with Yaashan (Shani), who seems to be the main hero of Beyond Good and Evil 2.

SPOILER WARNING: Read on only if you don’t mind major spoilers for Beyond Good & Evil.

Elsewhere in the Beyond Good & Evil remaster, Ubisoft has revealed more about Jade’s parentage, which has been the subject of speculation for some time. Per a new cutscene, Jade’s father remains unknown – but her mother has now been identified as Dakini, captain of the Gada, the ship featured in Beyond Good and Evil 2.

We’ll likely see more of Dakini’s exploits in this upcoming game – as the Gada and its crew appear to the main focus of this prequel. In Beyond Good & Evil, it does appear Jade is aware of her mother’s existence, although her fate is not strictly confirmed.

Per the latest update from Ubisoft, Beyond Good and Evil 2 is still in active development, with progress continuing well. There’s hope the major reveals of the Beyond Good & Evil remaster will be properly explored when its prequel eventually launches.

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