The best Christmas gifts for PC gamers

If you're looking to treat the PC gamer in your life for Christmas, look no further than this gift guide.
pc gamer gift guide christmas

Christmas is a wonderful time of year for PC gamers – because it usually means brand new accessories, funky lights, tech upgrades, and potentially even nabbing the latest, most coveted graphics card. While these bits and bobs typically come with a hefty price tag, there are also affordable, fun gifts around for the PC gamer in your life – whether they like RGB glow or not.

If you’re scouting for the best Christmas gifts for PC gamers, look no further than this list – which includes cost-effective gadgets and gizmos, as well as options for tighter budgets. You don’t have to break the bank for your nearest and dearest – they’ll likely enjoy any gift on this list.

Wrist Wrest Pads – AU $17.99

PC gamers spend a lot of time at a computer – whether as part of their gaming hobby, or their everyday jobs. That means a lot of sitting, a lot of poised arms, and potentially a lack of comfort. If you have a PC gamer in your life, this Christmas is a good opportunity to help correct bad behaviour – posture and hand position, for example.

Buy them a cutesy and handy Lovely Cat Claw Wrist Rest Support Pad (AU $17.99) for a thoughtful and handy gift that should make their life a bit easier.

Razer Basilisk Mouse – AU $79.00

Everyone has their own mouse preference – based on hand size, functionality, comfort, ease of use, colours, lights, and a range of other factors. This is typically quite personal, and differs wildly between PC gamers – but if you’re looking for advice about a great Christmas gift upgrade: we’re big fans of the Razer Basilisk series.

The base edition – the Razer Basilisk V3 (AU $79.00) – is a very affordable mouse, and comes in-built with a finger rest and RGB lights. The Razer Basilisk Ultimate Hyperspeed (AU $149.00) is another great option – and comes with the added benefit of being wireless.

Multi USB Hub – AU $25.99

Modern gaming PCs are lightning fast and often boast meaty performance – yet they never seem to have enough USB and USB-C ports to function as intended. Gamers will usually have particular issues with the lack of handy ports available, given the sheer number of peripherals that are usually attached to gaming PCs – headsets, keyboards, mice, streaming decks, and more.

To remedy this clutter, a handy multi-USB connector is always a massive boon. It means more devices can be attached, that cables are neater, and that life will be much, much easier for everyone. We highly recommend the Wavlink 65W Powered USB Hub (AU $25.99) from Amazon, which has proven very reliable in recent years.

Nanoleaf Lines – AU $539.00

There’s nothing quite like a neon RGB glow to lighten up your gaming space – and to that end, Nanoleaf lights are the perfect companion. These funky, shaped lights come in all forms, colours, and sizes, and should help illuminate the darker corners of any room, making an inviting space to work and play in.

While the latest Nanoleaf sets – the Lines – are fairly pricey, there are also cheaper alternatives in the range. Here’s what we recommend:

Note: Keep regional power plugs in mind when purchasing online.

Logitech POP Keyboard – AU $109.00

Once again, taste is a subjective thing. The PC gamer in your life might prefer black and red colour palettes, or those RGB lights. They may also like bright pastels and eye-popping purples and pinks. If that’s the case, consider forking out for a brand new Logitech POP Keyboard (AU $109.00) this Christmas.

With clacky keys and an ultra-charming, round design, the entire POP Keyboard range will be quick to win hearts over. They’re the cutest keyboards around, and will no doubt make for great stocking stuffers.

HyperX Cloud Flight Headset – AU $184.99

When you find a good headset, you tend to want to stick to it. For me, it was the HyperX Cloud Flight Headset (AU $184.99) that birthed love at first use – thanks to overly comfortable ear cups, a very comfortable headband, and an easily detachable, solid-sounding mic. The sound quality is also exceptional, and should certainly serve any budding PC gamer well.

If an upgrade is in store this year, consider taking the HyperX Cloud Flight headset for a spin. Otherwise, check out a few other GamesHub favourites:

Elgato Stream Deck MK.2 – AU $199.98

If the PC gamer in your life has aspirations of becoming a streamer or content creator, a handy Elgato Stream Deck MK.2 (AU $199.98) can help them along their way. This programmable button hub essentially allows for easy access to scene switching, as well as a variety of apps, shortcuts, and commands while using streaming platforms like Twitch, YouTube, OBS, and Streamlabs.

The Stream Deck is not strictly necessary to have an easy and entertaining show, but it’ll certainly inject a sense of fun into every live appearance.

Corsair RGB Cloth Gaming Mouse Pad – AU $78.95

As we’ve established, PC gamers (and most other gamers) love coloured RGB lights of all shapes and sizes. They love to put lights on walls, desks, floors, chairs, headsets, mice, keyboards – anywhere that will take them. So if they haven’t ‘RGB-ed’ their mouse pad just yet – the Corsair RGB Cloth Gaming Mouse Pad (AU $78.95) makes for a great Christmas gift.

This long mouse pad provides a cushy comfort to any desk, while also providing a glow of rainbow light, continuously swirling. You can customise the mat with your chosen colour, with around 12 different lighting options available – including lurid purples and vivid pinks.

An ergonomic gaming chair

You’ll know when you find the perfect gaming chair. It’s in the process of sitting down, feeling the cushions press against your legs, and the lumbar support nestle firmly into your back, that you know if it’s right for you. The moment I sat in Anda Seat’s Captain America Rocker Chair (AU $649.99), the real world melted away. I was encased in a welcome softness. I felt at home. Since then, it’s become my go-to gaming chair – and it might just serve the PC gamer in your life, too.

I love this chair, above all other chairs – and I heartily recommend it to anyone.

If Captain America isn’t quite your jam, Anda Seat also offers other themed chairs – for Spider-Man, Iron Man, and Ant-Man. The plain Kaiser Pro Gaming Chair (AU $499.99) is also a viable option.

The best PC games of 2022

The PC gamer in your life is likely on top of brand new video game releases – but if they’re lagging behind or there’s something fresh on their radar, a very safe bet for Christmas is buying them one of the best games of 2022. That could come in the form of a Steam voucher, or a direct purchase – whatever works best.

Here are the games we recommend as gifts for PC gamers this year:

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