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7th Chance and The Good Place explore the same moral quandries

A Solo Aussie Game Dev, The Good Place, and Moral Philosophy Walk Into A Bar

7th Chance is a story of human redemption that affirms that we can be better every day.

screen queensland game residency program

The award-winning 'Webbed' is coming to consoles in February

The delightful web swinging and free-form puzzles of Webbed are coming to a slew of new platforms.

psychonauts 2 double fine documentary
Opinions & Analysis

The best video game things in 2021, according to Chris Button

Contributor Chris Button shares his video game highlights of 2021, including moments in Hitman 3, Psychonauts 2, and Returnal.

Brendan Keogh's Top 5 Games of 2021
Opinions & Analysis

The Top 5 Games of 2021, according to Brendan Keogh

Some Brisbane-made masterpieces, a couple of console staples, and one cheeky inclusion make up Brendan Keogh's highlights of 2021.

unpacking game of the year 2021

Unpacking is GamesHub's Game of the Year 2021

With a charming gameplay loop and effective storytelling, Unpacking by Witch Beam Games is our Game of the Year for…

Best Australian Games 2021

The Best Australian Games of 2021

Australia's game developers continues makes phenomenal things. Here are our picks for the best Australian Games of 2021.

mario kart tour changes

The Australian Digital Games Tax Offset is being expanded by $19.6 million

The Digital Games Tax Offset will now extend to 'games as a service' projects, with additional funding on the way.

the best games of 2021

The Best Games of 2021 - A Top Ten

From Deathloop, to Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart to Unpacking, 2021 had a great range of beautiful video games. Here…

Umurangi Generation's success is just one part of this year's Indigenous excellence

2021 was the year of Indigenous excellence in games and tech

2021 was an incredible year for Indigenous excellence in the games space. Here are some highlights.

Heavenly Bodies Review

Heavenly Bodies Review - Comedy and Tragedy

The physics-based puzzles of Heavenly Bodies are equal parts entertaining and frustrating, and both a comedy and a tragedy, depending…

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