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redfall xbox bethesda xbox game pass gameplay tips

Bethesda is committed to Redfall, despite negative reception

Bethesda's Pete Hines says the company remains committed to improving Redfall.

redfall xbox bethesda xbox game pass gameplay tips

Redfall report claims developers hoped for game cancellation

Staff working on Redfall reportedly disagreed with its direction, and hoped it would be canned during development.

redfall game combat story setting characters open world

Redfall review - A Hesitant Hunt

Redfall weaves a gorgeous supernatural mystery through basic mission-based gameplay.

redfall xbox bethesda xbox game pass gameplay tips

Redfall: 10 Tips and Tricks To Remember

In Redfall, it's dangerous to go alone. Take these handy tips with you on your journey.

Redfall Remi Arkane Austin

Xbox boss claims 'full responsibility' for lacklustre Redfall launch

Phil Spencer has made some big comments on Redfall's critical reception, just days after the game's launch.

Redfall Devinder

Redfall Review Roundup – Critics Bite Back

Redfall sees Bethesda and Arkane Studios experiment with co-op shooting in a world filled with vampires, but the reception has…

redfall game pc requirements launch times

Redfall: PC requirements and launch times confirmed

Ahead of Redfall's upcoming launch, Arkane Studios has revealed the game's PC requirements, and when you'll be able to play.

deathloop arkane studios

Deathloop was brought to life by Dishonored 3 concerns

Bethesda reportedly wanted Arkane to work on a smaller, simpler game before approaching Dishonored 3.

Redfall Remi Arkane Austin

Redfall won't have 60 FPS performance option on Xbox at launch

Redfall, the upcoming vampire shooter from Arkane, won't have the graphical options you'd expect from a modern console game at…

redfall gameplay combat preview jacob boyer

Redfall preview – All blood suckers go to hell

The sun goes down on Redfall, and the freaks pour endlessly out of the woodwork.

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