Job Details


Jul 27, 2022


United Kingdom

Closing Date

Aug 24, 2022

Sony Playstation

Senior Technical Designer – Permanent


At PlayStation London Studio, we are on a mission to make award-winning, landmark games. Our upcoming PlayStation 5 online multiplayer game will be focused on a brand-new IP we are extraordinarily excited about.

Our new game is close to our hearts, as the whole team collaborated on coming up with the concept from the very beginning. We’ve seen this idea grow from a seed, and now we’re looking for new starters to continue our journey on shaping our plans for this AAA project.

We’re also a part of the PlayStation Studios family, a collective of teams – from Insomniac to Naughty Dog and many more. As such, we have solid support system – often knowledge sharing industry advancements so that all our studios, individually lead the way to create memorable gaming experiences.

As a Technical Designer, you will have the exciting opportunity to help lay foundational workflows for our gameplay animation systems, empowering our Designers to create great game feel quickly, and in a flexible, scalable way. It will be your job to capture implementation requirements that come out of our gameplay prototyping efforts and ensure they are met by our animation tools.

Scope of Work

  • Collaborate on the design of tools, and gameplay systems to improve creative work processes in our proprietary engine, with a focus on our gameplay animation workflows.
  • Collaborate closely with gameplay code and other technical teams to design, implement, and maintain sustainable, scalable gameplay systems in a way that aligns with the team’s standards.
  • Support the creation of documentation for key workflows such as tutorials relating to technical design.
  • Supporting less technical team members with explicit tutorials and training, promoting technical procedures, and ensuring they can make the best use of our gameplay systems.

Experience / Knowledge

  • Experience working with Animators to implement high quality complex gameplay systems like combat and cinematic animation integration.
  • Ability to identify and remedy pipeline constraints with a focus on scalability.
  • Knowledge of animation tools like Morpheme.
  • Motivated to create and improve tools to bring gameplay systems to life and empower other designers with scalable workflows.
  • Expert level scripting ability with a visual or typed script (such as Blueprint, C#, or Lua).
  • Recent experience working in UE4, Unity, or another game engine.
  • A solid understanding of how to use data structures effectively and in a scalable way, such as prefabs, blueprints, resources, and data tables.
  • Experience implementing technical features and systems to design specifications.
  • Proficient at identifying and mitigating design problems through prototypes and documentation.
  • Clean technical work process including commenting, and project structure management, and an understanding of technical debt and how to avoid it.


  • You’re comfortable authoring, managing, and maintaining animation networks independently.
  • Competent with C++, able to read and debug game code.
  • Experience working on GaaS, ‘Live Service’ and multiplayer games.
  • Knowledge of Behavior Trees or State machines.
  • Experience working with Unreal’s Ability System.
  • Experience working with builds / packages across multiple SKUs, Regions, and Cross Platform.
  • Advanced math skills, or qualifications (vector math, eulers, etc.).

Impact / Complexity

You will collaborate with Designers, and adjacent technical teams, such as audio, animation, VFX, and UI to help bring creative vision to life, ensuring we are implementing content to the highest of standards, and within the studio agreed processes.

Your design work will affect our designers’ ability to iterate on the project quickly while finding the fun, and balance required for a AAA quality game. Your work will help ensure we can continue to evolve the project for years to come.

We want you to share your knowledge and experience with the wider team ensuring everything we do considers the endless expansion of the game. We would also love for you to be able to represent London Studio in cross collaborations with other Studios in the PlayStation family.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

We encourage you to bring your best-unaltered self to work. Inclusivity is one of our studio values, which means we embrace different perspectives to fuel our creativity and we know that our games are stronger for it!

It is important to us that our teams are passionate about diversity and inclusion. They must understand that these words speak to people’s lived experiences that may differ to their own. We encourage our teams to educate themselves and show support and their commitment to DE&I (diversity, equity, and inclusion). As an example, some of our outreach activities include giving talks, mentoring, speaking at schools, running roundtables and much more.

We therefore welcome applications from all groups who are underrepresented in the games industry. We can offer training to upskill our team, so if you don’t feel you meet 100% of the job criteria, we still strongly encourage you to apply and look forward to hearing from you.