Job Details


Nov 12, 2022



Closing Date

Dec 9, 2022


Senior Technical Artist

Position Overview

Zynga is looking for a Senior Technical Artist to embark on the next adventure with us! If you’re a dedicated, curious, and highly motivated tech artist who loves problem solving with our Directors and Engineers, you will be a phenomenal fit for our diverse and creative team!

Main Responsibilities

  • Work closely with the Art and Engineering teams to construct and implement game assets in Unity
  • Enforce optimal performance and efficiency of the game’s final visual assets.
  • Work effectively to tackle any art-related bugs.
  • Define, maintain and troubleshoot pipeline for in game assets
  • Develop and maintain tools for the production pipeline, particularly for animation and technical art tasks
  • Create materials/shaders to achieve unique styles and hit amazing visual quality
  • Create, maintain, and communicate technical art guidelines and implementation techniques with other team members
  • Maintain clean, optimized project, periodically auditing assets and sprite atlases, etc
  • Profile builds and provide and implement solutions to address performance issues
  • Our ideal candidate is a great communicator, teammate, and proactive problem solver. You draw from a range of skills to creatively determine solutions. You are a contributor of ideas, overseer of pipelines, and collaborator across discipline lines providing expertise and seeking out potential issues before they become problems

Desired Skills and Experience

  • Effective communication with team members of varying disciplines including written documentation of pipeline processes
  • 4+ years of experience with Unity and/or other engines.
  • Intermediate skills with 3D modeling, rigging and UV texturing with professional 3D software such as Maya or ZBrush
  • Scripting with C#
  • Understanding of optimizing 3D and 2D assets for memory and performance considerations
  • Intermediate skills creating high quality VFX particle systems in Unity
  • Experience writing and modifying shaders
  • Experience with C# tools]
  • Familiarity with C++ or Python tool creation
  • Core Adobe Creative Suite skills
  • Technical background in developing scripts, Photoshop actions, and other automation tools vital for art implementation and optimization
  • Proven experience in game development, with shipped titles
  • Experience with profiling tools
  • Experience with version control software such as Perforce, Git
  • Have an understanding of Animation and VFX experience is a plus

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