The International Games Summit on Mental Health Awareness (TIGS) 2023

TIGS, The International Games Summit on Mental Health, is a comprehensive and dynamic event dedicated to advancing mental health awareness and support within the gaming industry.


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Event Starts

Oct 11, 2023

Event Ends

Oct 13, 2023

Our annual conference spans multiple days, offering a diverse range of activities and opportunities for attendees to engage in meaningful discussions and acquire practical tools.

The conference brings together professionals from the gaming industry, mental health experts, and academia to address the unique challenges surrounding mental health in gaming. It is designed to provide a cohesive and comprehensive experience that combines informative panels, sessions, fireside chats, roundtable discussions, and interactive workshops.

Highlights of the TIGS conference include:

1. Panels, Sessions, and Fireside Chats:
– Engage with industry leaders, experts, and academic institutions focused on mental health in gaming.
– Explore emerging trends, best practices, and practical strategies for supporting mental well-being in the industry.

2. Roundtable Discussions:
– Exchange ideas, experiences, and challenges with a diverse group of professionals and experts.
– Collaborate to develop innovative solutions and approaches to promote mental health support in the gaming industry and it’s communities.

3. Interactive Workshops:
– Dive into hands-on workshops facilitated by industry experts and mental health professionals.
– Acquire practical tools, techniques, and strategies for promoting mental well-being in gaming.

The combination of informative panels, engaging sessions, facilitated discussions, and practical workshops ensures a holistic and immersive experience that empowers attendees to make a positive impact on mental health in the gaming industry.

TIGS strives to create a future where mental well-being is prioritized, stigma is reduced, and resources are readily available. Through this inclusive and collaborative platform, we aim to foster an industry that supports the mental health of its professionals and promotes positive experiences for gamers worldwide. Together, we can drive positive change and build a healthier and more inclusive gaming industry and community.

For more information, visit tigs.ca