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Swordcraft Quest - Blood and Gold: The Darkness Within

Swordcraft Ltd invites you to attend the next chapter in the Blood and Gold saga. This Quest continues with the events that occurred in January 2022.

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Community Events

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Oct 2, 2022

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Oct 2, 2022

Sudenburg is in turmoil, the remaining Merchant Princess have entered near open battle, whilst others are missing having departed the town in mysterious circumstances.
And while the leaders via for control, the citizens of Sudenburg try to rebuild after the devastating Spicy Cough plague of 2021-2022.

New threats circle and others plot from the darkness in the very heart of the town. Powers previously unseen are quietly entering the fray with ambitions beyond coin and gold.

Who is friend and who is foe? Who can you trust?

Swordcraft Quest is a Warhammer themed LARP located in the town of Sudenburg, a frontier town on the Old Silk road in the Border Princes. Sudenburg is surrounded by wilderness, hostile human and non-human tribes, the ruins of ancient civilizations, and rumors of untold treasure.

The setting is both the in-game and real world year of 2022 – in-game this is during the age of three emperors and the beginnings of the Vampire Wars. For more information see our player guides which were released in 2018 for Blood and Gold and the Merchant Princes guide released in March 2019 (updated for 2022).

Do you have what it takes to survive in this grim world of perilous adventure?

What you can expect

Like previous Quests, we will provide you with the basics: an overarching storyline to provide flavour and kickstart your adventures, food vendors on site, toilets, showers, drinking water (though its always a good idea to bring your own), separate washing up water, ample parking. You will need to bring your own firewood if you wish to have a camp fire.

Other features

Old stone walls crisscrossing the property (please do not climb or try to cross them).

Lots of wild life including koalas, kangaroos, red deer and wild pigs.
Nearest town and V-line train station is 15 minutes away.

For more information visit Swordcraft Ltd.