PathfindinGS 2023 (Online)

The IGDA will be hosting the PathfindinGS conference for the 3rd year this November!


Event Details



Event Starts

Nov 14, 2023

Event Ends

Nov 16, 2023

This conference firmly places a spotlight on the video game industry of the Global South where developers are creating games, launching success stories and building up the game industry in a way unseen in other parts of the world.

The theme for the event this year is Folklore & Storytelling. You will see presentations that tell the stories of the game industry in the Global South through stories about the successes, the people who make the games & stories of the industry, as well as stories of the games that are unique to the local culture, traditions & history.

This online conference will have 6 conference days over the month of November so that as many people as possible can attend the event. Tickets are now available for FREE for the following dates: Latin America – 11 & 12 November, Africa & Middle East – 18 & 19 November, South Asia, South East Asia, Australia, New Zealand and pacific islands (as stories told from the First Nations Australians, Maori and pacific islander developers perspectives) – 25 & 26 November.

For more information, visit igda.org