Game Con Canada

Game Con Canada 2023 (Hybrid)

Calgary, Canada


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Event Starts

Jun 23, 2023

Event Ends

Jun 25, 2023

Whether your company creates video games, board games, phone applications or is a retail outlet, Game Con Canada (GCC) is the largest networking event in western Canada. Vendors at GCC will have the option to use our state-of-the-art RFID hand-held P.O.S. devices to offer attendees the ability to enter your company’s prize draw. When an attendee scans their bracelet at your booth, a mutual data transfer of information occurs. You will receive their details for the prize draw and they will receive your company’s information.

From Game Con Canada: Our goal is to bring fans of all gaming genres together to play games, make friends and discover new experiences. Video games, virtual reality, augmented reality, mobile, tabletop, card games, Esports and any game imaginable. Our dream is to bring these people together and strengthen both the gaming community and industry in Canada.

Gamers, get ready to Play. Learn and Enjoy!

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