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Feb 26, 2024


4 years full-time

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QTAC code 419682

Queensland University of Technology

Bachelor of Science/Bachelor of Games and Interactive Environments

Combine science with games and interactive environments, and use virtual reality and gaming technology to tackle issues such as the environmental impacts of mining.


  • Diversify your perspectives to fuel your spirit of enquiry.
  • Engage in experiences in the lab, the field and the classroom, to develop realistic scenes in gaming environments.
  • Flexible study choices and the opportunity to prepare for non-traditional STEM careers.
  • Complete 2 separate degrees in 4 years full-time.
  • Specialise in biological sciences, chemistry, earth sciences, environmental science, or physics.
  • Specialise in animation, digital media, game design or software technologies.
  • Be a part of Queensland’s leading video game industry, responsible for titles such as Hellboy and Star Wars: The Force Unleashed.

Why choose this course?

The aim of the Bachelor of Games Interactive Environments is to provide you with the necessary skills, knowledge and values to be successfully employed within the computer games industry or to develop game applications for a broad range of industry sectors (e.g., government, finance, education).

The Bachelor of Science degree aims to provide:

  • diverse perspectives to fuel your spirit of inquiry
  • engaging experiences in the laboratory, in the field and in the classroom
  • flexible study choices and the opportunity to prepare for non-traditional science careers
  • relevant subject matter designed to enable you to make a difference by doing science connected to known problems
  • coherent studies which have been carefully designed to give you the skills you need for success.

What to expect

In this double degree, you will complete the requirements for two separate degrees in four years. The course consists of units in both science and games and interactive environments.

The Bachelor of Science gives you the opportunity to collaborate with your peers and teaching staff to explore real world problems from multiple scientific perspectives.  Your major will provide you with in-depth knowledge and expertise in a scientific discipline, preparing you for entry into the workforce or further study. You may choose from:

  • Biological Sciences
  • Chemistry
  • Earth Sciences
  • Environmental Science
  • Physics.

In the Games and Interactive Environments component, you will complete core units in introductory design, games studies, professional skills and basic programming and then choose a major from the list below. Studio is introduced from the second year of study introducing group project working towards producing a a significant piece of work using PC, mobile devices, consoles or virtual reality in your final year project.

Games and Interactive Environment majors:

  • Animation
  • Game design
  • Software technologies.

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Course Fee

CSP $8,100