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Jul 24, 2023


4 years full-time; 8 years part-time

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Queensland University of Technology

Bachelor of Design - International (Interaction Design)

As an interaction designer, shape our interactions with technology, devices, apps and websites. This course combines your design degree with a year of international studies.


  • Travel overseas, immerse yourself in a different culture and be on pace with international design trends.
  • Enjoy a year of studying with one of our international partner universities in the UK, Sweden, Denmark, Hong Kong, the US and Canada.
  • Enhance your global employability and open unique career opportunities.

Why choose this course?

Increase your global employment opportunities and enjoy a year of international experience studying with one of our 150+ international partner universities.

This degree combines the three-year Bachelor of Design (Interaction Design) with one year of international studies, giving you all of the outcomes of the standard degree, plus the advantages of a year of specialist international studies. Destinations include the UK, Sweden, Denmark, Hong Kong, the US and Canada.

Real-world learning

Expanding your design studies internationally can provide you with an advantage in your career. You also have the option of undertaking overseas internships as part of your studies, applying your skills and knowledge to new challenges, in new environments. Design skills are highly transferable and gaining experience in countries known for their expertise in design will enhance your employability and open unique career opportunities at home and around the world.

Course Fee

CSP $8,900 per year full-time