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University of Newcastle

Bachelor of Computer Systems Engineering (Honours) / Bachelor of Computer Science

Computer systems engineers combine creativity with technology to develop solutions to some of the world’s greatest challenges. They are essential in a wide range of industries like computer design, defence applications, communication networks and internet development. With a Bachelor of Computer Systems Engineering (Honours), you might find yourself developing advanced computing equipment for industrial or business systems. Or, you could develop or maintain banking data centre to run internet banking services.

What is computer systems engineering? Computer systems engineers use digital and computing technologies to solve problems in industrial systems. As part of a Bachelor of Computer Systems Engineering (Honours) you will study courses in areas such as information processing, data transfer, communications, commerce and travel. Students will learn to combine creativity with technology to develop both hardware and software for electronic and ICT systems.

Why combine engineering with computer science? Complete these two bachelor degrees in just five years and develop complimentary hardware and software skills. Open up opportunities in fields such as artificial intelligence, robotics, computer graphics, digital forensics, bioinformatics, web development and data security. You’ll be the ultimate well-rounded computing professional.

Why study with us?

  • Hands-on practical experience: build vital professional networks and hands-on industry experience with 12 weeks of professional practice throughout your degree.
  • Diversify your skills and knowledge: choose up to 4 elective courses from areas such as business, product/industrial design or entrepreneurship or take the opportunity to study a semester abroad.
  • Real-world insights: connect with industry through projects, guest lecturers, mentoring and interdisciplinary projects solving real world problems. Gain invaluable practical experience through your industry placement.
  • Internationally recognised engineering graduates: the University of Newcastle is one of only three Australian member institutions of the Global Engineering Education Exchange Program (Global e3).
  • Fast-Track Masters: advance your career and gain a Master of Professional Engineering in just 1 year on top of your combined engineering degree.
  • Ranked 2 in Australia: by our undergraduate Engineering students for teaching quality. *
  • Ranked 1 in NSW: by our undergraduate Engineering students for overall graduate satisfaction. **

* Student Experience Survey 2019 and 2020
** Course Experience Questionnaire 2020-2021