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animal crossing new horizons

New Animal Crossing patch removes 'naked' villagers glitch

A new patch has fixed a glitch in Animal Crossing: New Horizons which would remove villager clothes.

final fantasy xiv rabbit viera race metaverse

Final Fantasy XIV pulled from sale following Endwalker release

Final Fantasy XIV has been temporarily removed from sale due to the popularity of its new Endwalker expansion.

splinter cell ubisoft

What we know about the Splinter Cell remake from Ubisoft

The new Splinter Cell game from Ubisoft is a remake of the original title.

mario kart tour changes

The Australian Digital Games Tax Offset is being expanded by $19.6 million

The Digital Games Tax Offset will now extend to 'games as a service' projects, with additional funding on the way.

pokemon legends arceus diamond pearl
Opinions & Analysis

How Pokemon Legends: Arceus connects to Diamond and Pearl

Pokemon Legends: Arceus takes place in the Sinnoh region, just like Diamond and Pearl.

unpacking game igea australian games development survey games to play if you're stressed

The Australian games industry is now worth $226 million

IGEA's fifth annual Australia Game Development Survey has revealed major growth for the local industry.


The Best Xbox Games of 2021

From great co-op experiences to iconic racing and shooting blockbusters, here are our picks for the best Xbox games of…

best playstation games 2021

The Best PlayStation games of 2021

Despite a quieter year, PlayStation enjoyed a slew of great titles, including some standout platform exclusives.

nintendo indie world

There's a new Nintendo Indie World set for this week

A new Nintendo Indie World is set to air on Thursday. Here's how to tune in from Australia.

roblox allegations people make games

Roblox accused of creating exploitative, unsafe environment for kids

Roblox, the online sandbox game, has been accused of exploiting young kids and their game development skills.

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